Premium Reviews is one of the most popular hosting services to date. That’s why even if you haven’t used personally, you’ve definitely come across this website as you were looking for something on the Internet. was specifically created with the purpose of being an easy-to-use data storage where users can easily share files with others. The company started way back 2015 and for more than a decade, it has gained the acceptance of Internet users, for being a user-friendly software with high quality of service. Simply put, is a website where you can store and share files with […]

Is Premium safe

As we talk about cloud storage, one of the few file hosting providers that are getting popular lately is It’s a cloud storage provider that allows users to easily upload their files without the risk of data loss, or data breach. also offers free cloud storage services, but they also have a premium account where you can enjoy a number of benefits. Is It Really Safe? When looking for a file hosting provider, it’s very important to ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth, and you wouldn’t have to worry that your files would get stolen– especially if […]

A Complete Premium Account Review

Introduction In today’s world, safe data storage services have become a very important aspect for individuals, business, companies, institutions and many other organizations. Because of rampant cases of loss or leakage of critical information and data due to theft, fires, viruses, breakdowns as well as hacking, most people are opting for safe and secure data storage options. And that is where comes in. These are renowned data storage service providers, whose mission is to serve their customers better using centralized networks that ensure safe, secure and easier access to their data. The Alfafile Free Account To benefit from the […]

A Complete Premium Account Review is a renowned file hosting service provider that offers unmatched online storage and remote backup capabilities. Their sophisticated downloading and uploading tools are designed to help you easily upload, store and even share important files with family, friends, colleagues and other online users. The platform boasts of a simple intuitive interface and a simple signup process where you are only required to give your username, email, password and optional payment information. Read our detailed Turbobit and Emload review. Free Accounts There are basically three types of accounts on this platform: the free account, the registered account and the […]

Is keep2share premium legit or scam?

There have been debates and inquiries on how real keep2share services are. Some online-based services and businesses end up as a fraud due to hackers who access personal customer information such as credit card and passwords. Keep2share services value customer’s privacy thus uses SSL to secure payments. Keep2share is a service that offers files storage, distribution and transfer. Keep2share has been on the market since November 2012 with millions of members to date. It offers three accounts: guest user, free user and premium accounts. Virtually a third of the members own premium accounts. This is because, with the free and […]

A Complete Daofile Premium Account Review

Introduction is a file sharing platform which allows you to store and share files with your family, friends, colleagues and other internet users. Whether you want to store applications, documents, images, videos or music files, this platform has you covered. Moreover, you are presented with a range of uploading options to choose from. For instance, you can upload files from your computer, via FTP or from another site with ease. It is a secure platform which guarantees you optimum safety and privacy. The fact it is cloud-based allows you to access the files from anywhere as long as you […]

A Complete Katfile Premium Account Review

Introduction Katfile is a popular file hosting service provider that allows you to upload, download and even share different types of files with ease. The platform allows you to upload and share music, movies, images and other types of media with your friends, family members as well as other internet users. Moreover, the whole process of signing up for their account is quite simple. What is required is just your email, password and date of birth to help keep your account secure. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google plus, Facebook or Twitter account. Free Accounts There are […]

A Complete 1fichier Premium Account Review

Introduction is a reliable online file storage platform that allows users to store and share large files conveniently. It offers secure remote storage for offsite backups and allows subscribers to access their personal data from different computers without having to carry around USB devices. The 1fichier signup process is quite simple and straight forward. All that is required is your username and email address and you are good to go. You can find the detailed conditions under the link: . 1fichier Accounts There are basically three types of 1fichier accounts, the free account, registered account and the premium […]

A Complete Upstore Premium Account Review

Introduction is a renowned online file management platform that allows you to upload, store and even share files with friends, subscribers and other internet users. It is a simple site that can be used by novice as well as experienced users. Moreover, the registration process is quite simple and straightforward. In fact, you only need an email address to register. You can find the detailed conditions under the link: Upstore Free Accounts There are basically two Upstore accounts, the free and premium account. Under the free account, you will experience a slow download speed and you can upload […]

A Complete Tezfiles Premium Account Review

Introduction is a leading cloud storage network that is designed to make file hosting, retrieving as well as sharing much easier. To start getting their services you are required to sign up for an account using your email address through a very simple process. Ideally, you can either opt for the most basic account, which is the free count or upgrade to the premium account which is safer and has more features. Tezfiles Free Membership Account Although it is free, this account has a number of limitations. For instance, you will experience very slow download speed, which can be […]