A Complete Tezfiles Premium Account Review


Tezfiles.com is a leading cloud storage network that is designed to make file hosting, retrieving as well as sharing much easier. To start getting their services you are required to sign up for an account using your email address through a very simple process. Ideally, you can either opt for the most basic account, which is the free count or upgrade to the premium account which is safer and has more features.

Tezfiles Free Membership Account

Although it is free, this account has a number of limitations. For instance, you will experience very slow download speed, which can be quite annoying and inconveniencing, especially if you have many files to download or if you are in hurry. Moreover, it does not allow for simultaneous downloads, which means that you can only download one file at a time, which can be quite time consuming. The maximum file size for this account is 500 MB, which is limiting if you have larger files to store.

Furthermore, you have 30 seconds of waiting time before you can start downloading. Other services that you will not benefit from with this account include; the no capture, full data & traffic encryption services as well as the download software support services, which makes it less secure and inconveniencing. The good thing about this account is that you can resume downloads in case you stopped on the way. To overcome all these challenges, you can upgrade to the premium account.

Tezfiles Premium Membership Account

This is the best deal of the two tezfiles accounts. Unlike the free membership, this one allows you to enjoy maximum download speed without any limit to your data storage or usage. This means that you can download your files with ease, regardless of their number or size. It also allows for simultaneous downloads; hence you can download more than one file at a time. This is quite critical especially if you have many files to download as it will take you less time.


The maximum file size for this account is 5 GB, which is enough to store very large files without any problem. The good thing about it is that, you do not need to wait before you begin downloading as it begins immediately. It also allows for full traffic and data encryption, which is quite critical if you value security and privacy. Furthermore, you will enjoy the No-Capture and download software support, which makes your work much easier. You will also be able to resume your downloads if you left it pending. Under the teztfiles membership account, you will be able to share your data easily and quickly with a single click.

Some of the premium membership programs include.

I. The 30 Days Program: Under this membership program, you are required to pay 13.99 USD for thirty days or simply 0.47 USD per day.

II. The 90 Days Program: This is the most popular tezfiles program so far. Here you will only pay 34.99 USD for the entire period or 0.39 USD per day.

III. The 365 Days or One Year Program: Here you only need to pay 99.99 USD for the entire period or 0.27 USD per day. The good thing is that you will be able to save up to 40% of the money you would have spent.

IV. The 5 Years Program: Under the five years program, you are required to pay 119.99 USD for the whole period or just 0.07 USD per day. This will enable you to save up to 85%.

The good thing about the tezfiles premium account is that you can pay for whatever membership program that suits you through a wide range of payment methods. They include VISA card, MasterCard, WebMoney, Pay in EUR, PaySera, Safety Pay and even Bitcoin. Moreover, the payment platform is well encrypted and quite secure, hence you will not need to worry about your account details leaking out. In addition, the payment is withheld until the buyer confirms satisfaction and the purchase is normally backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This simply means that you can always come back for a refund if you are not satisfied with the services.


With so many risks associated with theft, hacking, fires, viruses any many other factors, it is very risky to rely on your computer device, flash drive or other physical file storage options to keep critical information or files. To overcome this, you need to use a safe and secure platform, where you can keep the information without ever worrying about the leaking or even loss of critical information or files. Tezfiles.com is a cloud storage platform that is designed to guarantee you the security and safety that you need. To get the best services from this platform, you need to purchase a premium membership program that will suit your budget and needs.

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