A Complete Alfafile.net Premium Account Review


In today’s world, safe data storage services have become a very important aspect for individuals, business, companies, institutions and many other organizations. Because of rampant cases of loss or leakage of critical information and data due to theft, fires, viruses, breakdowns as well as hacking, most people are opting for safe and secure data storage options. And that is where Alfafile.net comes in. These are renowned data storage service providers, whose mission is to serve their customers better using centralized networks that ensure safe, secure and easier access to their data.

The Alfafile Free Account

To benefit from the Alfafile data storage services, you just need to sign up at their website through a simple process that only requires your email and password. After creating an account, you will get access to the free account. Unfortunately, this basic account has its own limitations. For instance, you will only access limited storage and limited bandwidth capabilities, which could be quite inconveniencing if you have many large files to store.

Moreover, under this account, you will not have access to a number of features such as the one-use downloads, subscription services, Ads-free operation and the different download options, including the simultaneous downloads. To overcome these limitations, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan, which has more benefits.

Alfafile Premium Benefits

This is the best plan of the two Alfafile accounts. Here you will gain access to features that are not available under the free plan. For instance, you will be able to carry out unlimited simultaneous downloads. The account is also Ads-Free, which means that you will carry out your activities without encountering the unsightly and annoying Ads that keep blinking from every corner of the page. Moreover, you will be provided with direct links to specific files, and there are virtually no queues for the file downloads. You will also be able to download or upload files of up to 50 GB.

Alfafile Premium Price

Some of the membership programs under Alfafile premium include.

I. The 30 Days, $12.99 Subscription Plan: Under this plan, you will gain access to 1 TB bandwidth and 1 TB of storage space.

II. The 30 Days, $19.99 Subscription Plan: Under this plan, you will get 2 TB of bandwidth and 2 TB of storage space.

III. The 90 Days Plan: Here you are required to pay $34.99 for the entire 90 days period and you will be provided with 3 TB bandwidth and 1 TB of storage space.

IV. The 180 Days Plan: At a cost of just $49.99 you will be able to access 6 TB bandwidth and 5 TB storage under this plan.

V. The 365 Days Plan: At a cost of $89.99, you will be provided with 12 TB bandwidth and 10 TB of storage space under this program.


The good thing about this alfafile.net is that they allow for different payment options, which is quite convenient. Some the payment methods allowed here include The VISA Card, MasterCard, Amex, JCB as well as Bitcoin. Note that the payment is done on a very safe and secure platform, which means that you will not need to worry about incidences of hacking or your personal information leaking out to the public. If you are looking for a safe, secure and extremely versatile platform to store your data, alfafile.net will be the best for you.

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