Is keep2share premium legit or scam?

There have been debates and inquiries on how real keep2share services are. Some online-based services and businesses end up as a fraud due to hackers who access personal customer information such as credit card and passwords. Keep2share services value customer’s privacy thus uses SSL to secure payments. Keep2share is a service that offers files storage, distribution and transfer. Keep2share has been on the market since November 2012 with millions of members to date.

It offers three accounts: guest user, free user and premium accounts. Virtually a third of the members own premium accounts. This is because, with the free and guest user services, there is a 500 MB download limit, fewer upload methods, and accelerated file deletion. Keep2share premium, however, offers greater deals at affordable prices.

Below are benefits associated with using keep2share premium

Fast downloads
Keep2share premium accounts save time since you do not have to wait for 30 seconds like free users for your download to begin. Furthermore, you are at discretion to choose a downloader that you prefer.


Adequate traffic
After signing up and paying for your premium account, you get 50 GB free for your first day. Averagely an hour video is 600MBs, connoting that you can download more than 60 videos. Once you expend all your traffic, you have to wait for the next day for them to automatically auto renew

Unlimited download
Free users are limited to download a maximum of 1024 MBs. Only premium users can upload or download files up to 5 GB.

Maximum download speed
Using a keep2share premium account gives you the sumptuousness to enjoy a downloading speed of up to 80M/s; while free user downloading speed is up to 50KB/s. Keep2share delivers download of the best quality, but priority is given to premium users. This connotes that if the servers are busy, free and guest users will have to contend with slow speeds.

Resume downloads
Only a premium user has the luxury to pause and resume downloads at his convenience.

Multiple file download
Free users can only download one file at a time. Using keep2share premium accounts concedes you download multiple files simultaneously.

Transaction fee
It is important to know that different payment methods have different transaction costs. That’s why after choosing your payment method; you see the membership price and the bank fee amount. No advertisements

Parcel downloads, for all your files

Other than the 90 days and lifetime premium membership plans, the rest are recurring. You can opt out by clicking on your profile, then cancel the subscription.

Secure payments
The payment methods are safe since keep2share have an SSL connection that processes the payments.

Refund policy
Claim refunds within 24 Hours after your initial order. NOTE! Keep2share does not proffer partial refunds.

Keep2share premium accounts are the best deal in the market. Besides their services being reliable, their payment methods are safe, so you do not have to worry about using your credit card. Payment options include bank transfers, web money, and CC.

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