A Complete Turbobit.net Premium Account Review

Turbobit.net is a renowned file hosting service provider that offers unmatched online storage and remote backup capabilities. Their sophisticated downloading and uploading tools are designed to help you easily upload, store and even share important files with family, friends, colleagues and other online users. The platform boasts of a simple intuitive interface and a simple signup process where you are only required to give your username, email, password and optional payment information.

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Turbobit.net Free Accounts

There are basically three types of accounts on this platform: the free account, the registered account and the premium account. As a free account holder, you will be able to upload files that are up to 200 Mb in size. You will also gain access to unlimited download volume, download-accelerators support and the download resume feature, which allows you to download files from where you left. There are also no download delays, which means that you can begin downloading your files immediately. Unfortunately, under free membership, you will not have any storage space. Moreover the account does not allow for remote URL file uploading. Advertisements are also displayed and you are required to fill in captcha before downloading files.

If the free account does not meet your needs, you can always opt for the Turbobit registered account. Under this account type, you will enjoy unlimited storage space, unlimited download volume, and will be able to upload larger files up to 200 Mb. You will also gain access to unlimited storage space and download accelerators support. Furthermore, there are no download delays, and you can resume your downloads from where you left. On the downside, under this account type, advertisements are normally displayed, which can be quite disruptive. You are also required to fill in capture on downloads. To overcome these limitations, you need to upgrade to the Turbobit premium account, which has more features and benefits.


Turbobit.net Premium Account Features

This is the best of the Premium Turbobit accounts. Under the premium membership, you will enjoy unlimited storage space and unlimited download volume. With a maximum upload size of 100 GB, you can upload large files without any problem. You will also gain access to the remote URL upload feature and download-accelerators support. There are no delays before downloading and you can resume downloading files from where you left. Moreover your operation will not be interrupted by the unsightly advertisements and the annoying captcha that is present in the other accounts.

Turbobit Premium Membership Plans

1. The 7 Days Premium Plan: This Turbobit plan allows you to enjoy the premium membership features for the entire 7-day period at a small fee of just 5.96 USD.

2. The 30 Days Premium Plan: At a fee of just 9.95 USD, you can enjoy all the premium membership benefits for up to 30 days under this plan.

3. The 180 Days Premium Plan: This is another great plan that allows you to have Turbobit premium access for up to 180 days at just 34.95 USD.

4. The 365 Days Premium Plan: Under this plan, you are required to pay 59.95 USD in order to access all the premium features on the platform for the entire 365-day period.

5. The 730 Days Premium Plan: This is the longest of all the Turbobit plans. Here you will be required to part with 90 USD so as to access the features that are available under the premium account.

Another great advantage of using this platform is that you are allowed to upgrade to the premium plan of your choice by paying through a wide range of payment options. For instance, you can make your payment via American Express, MasterCard, VISA, cashU, Google Wallet, JCB, OK PAY, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Discover, Bitcoin and even PayPal among others. Alternatively, you can purchase your desired plan through reliable resellers who allow for additional payment options such as bank transfers. The good thing is that the entire payment process is carried out on a secure encrypted platform that does not give any room for your personal information getting to the wrong hands.


Turbobit.net is a safe, secure and trusted file hosting platform that is designed to enable users to easily share important documents and files with other people around the world. Moreover, it allows you to upload and access files from anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled device. However, if you want to enjoy more features on this platform, you need to upgrade to the premium membership. This is particularly important when dealing with numerous large files that require a lot of space.

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