Premium Reviews is one of the most popular hosting services to date. That’s why even if you haven’t used personally, you’ve definitely come across this website as you were looking for something on the Internet. was specifically created with the purpose of being an easy-to-use data storage where users can easily share files with others.

The company started way back 2015 and for more than a decade, it has gained the acceptance of Internet users, for being a user-friendly software with high quality of service. Simply put, is a website where you can store and share files with others.


Just like any other file hosting providers out there, is an FTP hosting service where you can share music, videos, and photos. However, there’s a limit with a free account– you can only share up to 2GB worth of data. This would definitely limit the types of videos you can share, especially if it’s HD quality. Aside from that, there’s also a monthly bandwidth capped at 100GB for both files you send and receive. For example, if you upload and share a 1GB video file with 5 people, this will already take 6GB’s of your bandwidth quota. 1GB for the upload, and 5GB for the download. Since the bandwidth is set so low, chances are, it won’t be able to meet your needs, especially if you have to share large files. This is where a premium account comes in handy.

Product Details

It’s very easy and simple to install. You don’t have to worry about virus attacks or any technical difficulties. You simply have to right click on the download button, and download would automatically start– this wouldn’t even take a few seconds of your time. After completion, you’ll have to choose the destination folder of where you want your files to be kept. Installation can be completed within several minutes, without any hassle at all.

Monitoring Files

Being in the business for several years, already knows how to maximize user experience. That’s why they offer a variety of administering tools. Wherein, the statistics and surveys of each file being uploaded to the server would be recorded in the version history. These statistics show detailed information regarding the file size, format, creation, and many more.

Remarkable Features:


With, you’ll be able to customize according to your needs and preferences. That means you’ll be able to choose the relocation, copy, rename, and delete files stored in the system. Even the background can also be personalized.

Sharing Photos

Users can also share photos through the use of automated thumbnails. From here, you can create your own photo album and share them. They also have photo community launching and maintains a record for the number of times the photo has been viewed.

Sharing Files

Since it’s a file sharing provider, its main use is for upload, download, and sharing of files. With the service, you’ll be able to share a particular file with other people. They also have easy-to-send links that you can conveniently attach to emails, and this would allow the user to access the files he needs. The entire process is automated, making it very convenient as well.

Pricing Plans for Free and Premium account

There are 5 types of pricing plans– there’s the free plan, and the premium plan. For you to be able to utilize when it comes to commercial data sharing operations, the premium plan is highly suggested.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy several features perfect for your business, and even home use. For premium users, they’ll be able to use as much as Unlimited data storage but do note that the maximum amount of file that can be stored is 10 GB.

Final Words

Overall, is a very easy to use file sharing provider that has been helping a lot of Internet users for years now. With its drag and drop design, you’ll be able to share files without any issues at all. It’s a platform that promotes basic backing up, as well as restoring of files whenever necessary. With its rudimentary data storage capacity, you’ll never have to worry where you’re going to put your files ever again. Best of all, you’ll have access to them, whenever and wherever you are. As for the security, rest assured that your files are safe.

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