A Complete Katfile Premium Account Review


Katfile is a popular file hosting service provider that allows you to upload, download and even share different types of files with ease. The platform allows you to upload and share music, movies, images and other types of media with your friends, family members as well as other internet users. Moreover, the whole process of signing up for their account is quite simple. What is required is just your email, password and date of birth to help keep your account secure. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google plus, Facebook or Twitter account.

Katfile.com Free Accounts

There are basically three types of Katfile accounts. They include the Anon User account, the Free User account and the Premium account. As an Anon user, you will have access to very few features. For instance, you will enjoy a file download speed of 50 KB/s and a 5 GB maximum file download size. You also have to wait for long before you can download files. Furthermore, there is also a limit to the number of files you can download and you only have a maximum of one parallel download at a time. You will also encounter many banner ads and popups as an Anon user.


If the Anon account does not meet your needs, you can always opt for the free account type. Under the free membership, some of the benefits you will enjoy including a file download speed of up to 100 KB/s. You will also be allowed a maximum of one parallel download at a time. The account has a file storage time of 90 days, a 5 GB maximum file upload size and a 5 GB maximum file download size. You will also be subjected to an hourly download limit, and you have to wait for some time before the downloading process can be initiated. You will also encounter some banners, ads and popups when using the account. Other features you will have access to include the katfile as well as the ability to manage, delate or rename files.

With the various limitations that the free account users are subjected to, the best option would be to upgrade to katfile premium account.

Features of the katfile Premium

Of the three katfile accounts, this is the best. As a premium member, you will enjoy unlimited file download speed, maximum parallel downloads and unlimited file storage time with no download limits. You will also be allowed 5 GB maximum file upload size as well as 5 GB maximum file download size, which allows you to upload or download larger files with ease. Moreover, you will also have access to the direct download feature, which makes the whole process of downloading files easier.

The good thing is that you do not need to wait before downloading your files as the process is initiated immediately, hence saving you a lot of time. Furthermore, you will enjoy faster downloads as well as benefit from the download manager support. If you leave the downloading process midway, you can always resume the process any time you want.

As a premium member, you will also carry out your operations free from any banner ads and popups, which can be quite annoying and disruptive. You can also hotlink your files whenever you want as well as upload your files with FTP. Moreover, you will gain access to the katfile, where you can manage your files and folders with ease. For instance, you can rename or even delete your files whenever you want. In addition, you will also be granted priority customer service support, which is quite critical in times of emergency.

katfile Premium Plans

If you want to subscribe to a katfile plan, below are some of the plans you can opt for.

  1. The 30 Days Plan: Under this katfile plan, you are required to pay $15.99 and enjoy premium membership benefits for up to thirty days. This is the base price with no discounts applied.
  2. The 90 Days Plan: Here you are required to pay $44.99 in order to access the premium account features for ninety days. You will get a 10% discount in turn.
  3. The 365 Days Plan: This plan will cost you $99.99 for the entire 365 days period. Here you will get a 25% discount and still enjoy premium account benefits.
  4. The Lifetime Plan: Under this unique plan, you will be expected to pay $199 in order to enjoy premium access. You will in turn get a 40% discount.

Note that you can also get a special bonus offer where you will only pay $199 and gain premium access for up to lifetime.


The good thing is that you can pay for your premium membership using three different payment methods, which include VISA, MasterCard and Bitcoin. Moreover, the payment is done on a secure page where everything is encrypted so as to prevent any possibility of your personal information leaking out. Upon completing a successful payment, a receipt will be sent to you via email. If you are looking for the best cloud storage platform where you can upload, store and even share files with others, katfile.com is one of the best platforms available.

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